Cyclist in front of the theses door in Wittenberg

Stage Lutherstadt Wittenberg-Bad Schmiedeberg

The Dübener Heath Nature Park south of Lutherstadt Wittenberg and north of Leipzig, is embedded in the natural river landscape between the Mulde and Elbe. It passes small forest lakes, romantic clearings and tranquil places.

Before continuing the journey, enough time should be planned in Wittenberg. In addition to the UNESCO-awarded Luther memorials - the Luther House, Melanchthon House, the Castle Church with the (95-)Thesis Door and the City Church (Luther's preacher's church) - a walk through the alleys and courtyards of the old town should not be missed. Not far from the city center is also the ASISI panorama "Luther 1517", the Hundertwasser school or the Piesteritzer Werkssiedlung worth a side trip.

In southern direction it goes over the Elbe bridge out of Wittenberg into the Dübener Heath Nature Park. Passing the former Bleesern stud farm (the oldest preserved stud farm in Europe), you will pass the Bergwitzsee lake, which is very popular with the people of Wittenberg - an idyllic mining lake where various beaches invite you to sunbathe.

The following bike path leads directly through the pristine forests of the Dübener Heath Nature Park, accordingly you will find rather unpaved paths here. But can be felt the proximity to nature thereby only better.

Not far from Bad Schmiedeberg you can already see from afar the moated castle Reinharz, which looks like a fairy tale castle. From here it is hardly more 5 km to the Kurot Bad Schmiedeberg. The spa house built in Art Nouveau style, attractive villas, stylish guest houses, Kneipp facilities and electoral fountains give the state-approved iron moor, mineral and Kneipp spa its face.

Cyclist in front of the theses door in Wittenberg
Picnic in front of the castle church in Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Boats on lake Bergwitz
Family at Reinharz Castle near Bad Schmiedeberg, Düben Heath
On the Heath-Beaver-Tour through the Düben Heath
Spa Park Bad Schmiedeberg



Signage bike path Berlin-Leipzig

Data & Facts

Startpunkt der Tour

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Zielpunkt der Tour

Bad Schmiedeberg

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3 Stunden, 5 Minuten
35,1 Kilometer
Höchster Punkt
138 m
Niedrigster Punkt
65 m
73 m
54 m

Long-distance cycle route
botanical highlights
Refreshment stop
Stage tour
faunistic highlights
Field path
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By bike

  • Elbe cycle path
  • Europaradweg R1
  • Coal | Steam | Light | Lakes - Cycle Route

By car

  • via the B2 and B187 to Lutherstadt Wittenberg
  • via the B100 to Bergwitz
  • via the B182 to Bad Schmiedeberg
Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

By train

  • Lutherstadt Wittenberg
  • Pratau
  • Bergwitz
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In Lutherstadt Wittenberg, many supra-regional cycling routes converge. The Berlin-Leipzig Cycle Route intersects with the Elbe Cycle Route, the European Cycle Route R1 and the Coal | Steam | Light | Lakes Cycle Route at the market square. Plan a few extra days here, for example, and take a star ride on the Europaradweg to the Bauhaus city of Dessau or on the Elbe Cycle Path to the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz.

In Bergwitz, you can choose an alternative route to Leipzig with the Kohle | Dampf | Licht | Seen - Radroute, and experience the industrial history around the post-mining landscapes between Lutherstadt Wittenberg and the Leipziger Neuseenland.