Berlin Wall Trail

When starting the bike tour in Berlin, the Wall Trail reliably leads from the Brandenburg Gate to the Berlin-Brandenburg state border in Lichtenrade and the official start of the Berlin-Leipzig bike path.



The Berlin Wall Trail marks the course of the former GDR border fortifications to West Berlin. It leads for about 160 kilometers around the former half-city.

Historically interesting sections, where remains or traces of the Wall can still be found, alternate with scenic routes that evoke the joy of the country's regained unity.

The Wall Trail is 160 km long in total. The tour starts in the center of Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate. In a southeasterly direction, it goes through the city center to Schönefeld to the state border with Brandenburg in Lichtenrade. Here is the direct interface to the bike path Berlin-Leipzig, which then leads on the first official stage via Mahlow and Rangsdorf to Zossen.

From Lichtenrade, the Wall Trail continues along the southern edge of Berlin, via Potsdam to Wannsee. On this section it goes through particularly much nature. From Wannsee it goes through the water landscape around the Havel, the Groß Gliekener Lake and Falkensee through the district of Spandau to Hermsdorf. Here you dive back into the city and cycle through the urban backdrop of Berlin, which is broken up here and there by idyllic parks and avenues of cherry trees.


The Berlin Wall Trail is signposted; at regular intervals, overview maps help with orientation. In addition, at the stations of the Berlin Wall History Mile and the Berlin Wall Trail Info Steps, visitors receive multilingual information about the division of Germany and the construction and fall of the Berlin Wall. Photographs and texts describe events that took place at the respective location and remind visitors of the political situation and everyday life in the divided city. In addition, a "Berlin Wall Orientation System" with maps and audio stations in the inner city area helps visitors discover interesting remains of the Wall on site.

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Interface in Lichtenrade to the Berlin-Leipzig cycle path

Round tour: Berlin city center

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Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

By train

  • Main station
  • Potsdamer Platz
  • Südkreuz

S-Bahn line: S1, S2, S25
Stop: Brandenburg Gate (Berlin) (S+U)

U-Bahn line: U55
Stop: Brandenburg Gate (Berlin) (S+U)

Tipp des Autors

Currently, the Berlin-Leipzig bike path is not signposted in the Berlin city area. Therefore, we recommend using the Wall Trail to get from the city center to the state border and the beginning of the Berlin-Leipzig bike path in Lichtenrade. Otherwise, the tour can also be started directly in Mahlow, outside Berlin. Mahlow is also S-Bahn stop of the railroad.