Old warehouse in Niedergörsdorf

Old warehouse

The former military airfield Altes Lager in Niedergörsdorf near Jüterbog was built at the beginning of the First World War with a chemical factory and airship barracks and today offers a variety of leisure activities.

The exhibition invites you on a journey through the history of the Altes Lager site. It began around 1870 with an artillery troop camp.
Zeppelins were stationed here between 1914 and 1918. With the rearmament after the National Socialists came to power, the forest camp was established, covering an area of 507 hectares at the end of the war. The Soviet army captured the forest camp in 1945.

After reunification, the eventful development of Altes Lager took on a new dimension and the peaceful use of the area could begin.
The exhibition set up by interested citizens from Altes Lager uses original documents, personal memories, photographs and timelines to show both the military and civilian side of their home town.



Old warehouse in Niedergörsdorf
Old camp at the Flaeming Skate
Old warehouse in Niedergörsdorf
Old warehouse in Niedergörsdorf
Permanent exhibition Old Warehouse

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